chicago ecollar dog training

eCollar Demonstration

Below is a short eCollar Demonstration, lighthearted video showing a small portion of a presentation I recently gave. This talk focused on pressure and motivation in dog training, and the clip below highlights the eCollar portion. I am regularly asked about eCollars and am constantly educating the public on how we use them here at Off Leash K9 Training, Columbus.

Many potential clients are concerned that the eCollar will hurt or scare their dogs, but are then completely on board once they experience for themselves the level of pressure we are using with this tool.

The eCollar is just exactly that; a tool. It’s only one of many tools in a toolbox full of tools, and it’s just ONE aspect of our training program. Can we train your dog without using this tool? Of course! However, once our program is fully explained and demonstrated, virtually none of my clients have opted to abandon its use!
– Daniel Carter

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