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I highly recommend my trainer and Off Leash K9 Training

My trainer did an amazing job working with and training our Great Pyrenees Australian Shepard Mix 9 month old puppy. We received an update video every evening.

Baby Bleau is a changed puppy with manners and fantastic listening and response skills to commands. We are finishing our 1st week at home and everything is going well. Bleau is responding to all family members.

I highly recommend my trainer and Off Leash K9 Training.


Angela O.  // Verified Google Review

Definitely go with Off Leash K9!

My trainer is awesome! My husband and I were looking for a board and train for our puppy Harry. We were a bit nervous about leaving our dog son in the hands of someone else for so long (two weeks), but my trainer did a great job of informing us prior to the training and she even sent daily text updates with photos and videos showing his progress!

Before training, Harry barely knew how to even sit and stay. After the training, he’s a whole new dog and listens very well – even with distractions from people or other dogs. My trainer is the sweetest and you can tell she cares a ton about the dogs in her care. Definitely go with Off Leash K9!


Bria W.  // Verified Google Review

awesome job training

My trainer did an awesome job training my dog. Fido, a pit bull mix, was impossible to walk and had issues with being incredibly excited over anything that moved.

After completing the basic and advanced training sessions, Fido is an amazingly well-behaved dog. He walks right by my side and I get compliments all the time on how well he is trained.

I highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training.


 Kevin U.   // Verified Google Review

The money was worth every penny

I picked up my dog Simba from my trainer this week where he completed the 2 week board and train program, and can I just say what an amazing trainer we had come across. Simba is a 10 month old Shepard mix and since we rescued him he had horrible anxiety/ human aggression problem.

In public Simba would completely shut down, ignore all my commands, growl at people, and just look extremely stressed and uncomfortable. The fact that there was no way I can include my dog in any family activities was braking my heart. I began researching training options and after long time searching I found my trainer.

The money was worth every penny, from watching his progress in the daily videos  sent us to the day I picked up a completely changed dog. Today me and my husband played with Simba off leash at the park full of people and kids nearby.

We practiced all then commands my trainer has taught us and he listened so well. My heart sang. Thank you  for changing my buddy’s life!


Evelina H. // Verified Google Review

TRULY Rock!!!!

When my husband gave me an ultimatum about our dog I was extremely hesitant of sending him. When we first dropped off Jackson to the trainer her voice and demeanor gave me extreme comfort of leaving him with her for two weeks. She sent video updates daily and immediately I saw a huge difference with him.

Today is the 1st day we brought him home and I’m just in awe of how amazing he is. I would recommend this company (Chicago) and Jackson’s amazing trainer over and over again. Thank you so very much for all you have done with our dog and for our family!!! You TRULY Rock!!!!

With love and sincere thanks
The Zajczenko Family


Lorrie L.  // Verified Google Review

We are very thankful

We have a 2.5 year old Siberian Husky, Penny. She has been a difficult dog to train because she is not food, toy, or socially motivated. We had one scary experience in which Penny ran away from us, did not respond to our directions to stop/come, and ran into a very busy street in Chicago. We were very lucky that she wasn’t injured. That very next day we called our trainer.

We really just wanted a way to ensure she would always be safe. We wanted her to be able to be off leash and respond to us when we called her. After 4 lessons with my trainer, we got so much more than what we had hoped.

We can now walk through a crowded park filled with people, dogs, and so many smells and Penny will walk by our side off leash. We are able to do more things with her than we thought was possible.

We are very thankful for our time with my trainer!


Catherine H.   // Verified Google Review

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