From Jill, in treat training classes for six months:

…It’s like having a new dog!!! She is listening so much better and coming to me every time I call her. I have started walking her in the neighborhood off leash and she’s doing great! Overall she’s much calmer and more affectionate! She seems much happier too! Next we are going to focus on the jumping and cat chasing. I am confident that we will also be able to stop those behaviors soon!

Thanks again. I wish I would have known about you sooner! The last 6 months would have been so much easier!!!

Keep up the good work!!! I will be recommending you to every new dog owner!!!

Jill, Dublin OH

From Crystal, owner of a 150 lb Neapolitan Mastiff:

I just wanted to update you on a few things with Titus. He’s been so good with walking and major distractions. Today we encountered people playing tennis in a cul de sac, kids playing tag, bike riders, other dogs walking on the leash, other dogs inside of electric fences charging at him and I would only have to say off once without even needed to tap the button. He let a group of kids approach him, a group of adults and sat really nice while they pet him. We had a party and he placed for nearly the whole dinner. He even managed to be outside and not charge the fence at Finn. You have really changed things for us and I will be eternally grateful.

Crystal, Chicago IL

From Edith, owner of two rescued German Shepherds:

…Just last week while walking Max I finally ran into another dog and I noticed right away that Max got anxious and started to bark a bit, I’m excited to say that with a quick correction we were able to walk by with no issues! ? Lexi’s doing very good as well… still has some anxiety issues but nothing like before. When we have someone coming over, we’ll let Max meet with them first and then Lexi… it seems to work for her and she greets people without any barking ? I guess she figures if Max is OK with them so she will too ? lol. We took them both with us on our family vacation, rented a lake house and they were able to run on the beach and play in the lake with no problems whatsoever. I must say that the fact that we were able to take them both with us made it the best vacation ever!

Edith, MI

From Marie, after a Heel lesson with her Chocolate Lab:

So I was a bit skeptical as to how Hunter would do with heel this morning. Right out the door he stuck by my side. We saw squirrels, neighbors, kids, made left/right turns and he even saw a bunny (his fav thing to chase) this morning and he was in heel position the entire time. The leash to the loop was loose the entire time. I let him sniff his corners and fire hydrants a few times but is there a command I can use when it’s ok for him to break heel?

We did a mile today of 98% heel. And his tail was wagging the entire time. I’m just amazed. Thank you so much.

Marie, Chicago IL

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